Grands As Parents, Inc

Who We Are

Grands As Parents (G.A.P’S) was founded in 1966, and is comprised of grandmothers and grandfathers who have found themselves in parenting roles for their grandchildren (in some cases even their great-grandchildren).  These grandparents have been forced from the realm of retirement to become sole caretakers for these energetic and needy children.  G.A.P’S. is committed to providing assistance to these grandparents and the entire house hold for which they are responsible.

This support / advocate group is designed to address the special needs and concerns of the grandparents who have specific issues whatever the reason, and are temporary or permanent caretakers of their grandchildren.  However this is not a requirement for participation!

This not for profit organization is administrated by volunteers and has a board of directors.  This organization willingly collaborates with other non-profit community organizations in the concept of it takes a village to a raise a child.

The motto of Grands As Parents is to:


Grands As Parents, Inc.
Grands As Parents, Inc.2 weeks ago
Grands As Parents is very grateful for donations given to our group for Christmas 🎄
Grands As Parents, Inc.
Grands As Parents, Inc.2 weeks ago
We are very thankful for the donations received by Eastern Stars #EasternStars
Grands As Parents, Inc.
Grands As Parents, Inc.1 month ago
Grandparents Luncheon with Aissia Richardson @Moni Karim

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