From the desk of Grands As Parents Inc., President Eileen Brown

Grands As Parents/ Relative Caregivers DO CARE

When the personal commitment is made to be responsible for the new relative that come into our lives, we face hard core statistical facts (based on7 hrs school days per 180 days of the year) pertaining to America’s Children.


  • Every 11 second a high school student drop out.
  • Every 19 second a child is arrested.
  • Every 20 second a public school student is corporally punished
  • Every  21 second a baby is born to a unmarried mother
  • Every 33 second a baby is born into proverty
  • Every 35 second a child is confirmed neglected or abused
  • Every 39 second a baby is born without health insurance
  • Every minutes a baby is born to a teenage mother
  • Every 2 minutes a baby is born with low birth weight
  • Every 4 minutes a teen is arrested for drug offense
  • Every 7 minutes a child is arrested for a violent crime
  • Every 18 minutes a baby dies before his or her first birthday
  • Every  44 minutes a child or teen dies from a accident
  • Every 3 hours  teen is killed by a firearm
  • Every 5 hours a child or teen commits suicide
  • Every 6 hours a child or teen is killed by abuse or neglect
  • Every 14 hour a woman dies from complication of child birth or pregnancy

In Pennsylvania over over 80,000 grandparents/caregiver step up to the plate to care for 164,354 children 18 and under. Within the state there are 1.2 million informal caregivers.

With all of this being said, we here at Grands As Parents Inc., remain committed in supporting the families and graciously acknowledge our supporters.



Eileen Brown